Astral Travelling to Karachi, Pakistan

In my dream, I was waiting for a taxi in a waiting room. I saw lots of Pakistani people wearing traditional Indian clothing – sari’s and kurta’s.

I heard them speak in their language. I heard someone say we are in Karachi, Pakistan.

Astral Travelling To Pakistan

I placed my luggage in a small cubicle – there were lots of cubicles all over the place that you could leave your luggage. I waited for an attendant to call for a taxi to take me to a hotel or the airport. The attendant was behind a counter and he used a big old yellow telephone, it looked like the old type of telephones but it was bigger and bright yellow.

Astral Travelling To Pakistan
He said to me to just wait the taxi won’t be long. All around me people were coming and going. I got a bit worried about my luggage in the cubicle and waited next to it and another man approached me and said I do not need to worry my luggage will be safe. I felt safe in this place. While I waited I looked around and watch Pakistani people coming and going.

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