Are You A Hoarder?

Are you a HOARDER? Do you like to keep stuff even if you do no longer use?

Most of us like to collect all sorts of stuff like old furniture, clothes, cards, books, that we longer use but we are too sentimental over it to throw it away.

Likewise,  some of us also “collect/hoard” emotional stuff, memories, old hurts, in our minds. It becomes like a crowded storeroom up there. We cannot get rid of it and just pack more and more  painful thoughts on top of the one’s that are already taking up so much space in our minds. We are too scared to really go in there and clear it all away.

Then one day your store room get’s so overcrowded, that the walls starts to crack and the mice and dangerous pests start crawling into your BODY! You become mentally and physically sick. Now you need outside help to help clear it all away. This is going to be a HUGE task and you realise you cannot do it alone. You might even need psychiatric help.

[one_half]Try and STOP hoarding now! Try not to  “pack” useless memories, fears, ideas in your mind that will not be of value to you in your future life.  It will just gather dust  and take up valuable space that you could have used for SPIRITUAL THOUGHTS.  Keep your mind and thoughts busy with spiritual thoughts and remember to clean it regularly through meditation.

This way you can live a HAPPY clutter free life!


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