The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan

I read a quote from the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers (Annie Kagan) on Facebook. I knew I just had to read this book. I am very curious what happens to us when we die, where we go to, what is the “Afterlife”, and I found a lot of my questions answered in this book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers. The story touched my soul. It is well written, and captivated me from beginning to end. Once you start to read it you cannot put it down until you have read the very last page.

Billy Fingers’ life here on earth was anything but joyful. He was a drug addict and he suffered a lot. Early in the book, Billy tells Annie that he is done with his life and paid his debts. He then takes us on a journey into his personal experiences of his death and Afterlife: “Like children, we go out to have adventures in the world. It is a privilege and worth the difficulty…… how noble is the journey of each human being, from Divine to dust and back again. How brave to enter a body and dance the dance of existence only to lose everything imagined being true in the moment of death…… there is no right way for things to turn out. Some endings are happier; some not so happy, but it’s not just the happiness percentage that matters. It’s the music of it. Most people’s lives don’t have enough music.” What I liked is how Billy Fingers describes his new destination: “where I am there’s no desire to hold on to anything, to cling to the past….. when I say my memories are gone, I don’t mean I don’t remember things about earth, I do……..  My ties to that particular life have now been untied…..”

You want to read on and on but all books have to have an end sometime and Annie Kagan ends the story with a thought-provoking quote from Billy Fingers that resonated in my mind long after I had put the book down.

What an amazing book – I recommend it 100%. Thank you Billy Fingers and Annie Kagan for sharing this Divine experience with us.


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