Welcome to Kaleidoscope. My name is Letecia Pheiffer. I started this site as a discussion forum, where all who are interested in spiritual stuff can share (and give their opinion) with me and others. My search began a few years ago. I often wondered what happened to us when we die. I then started reading books and did some research on the internet and discovered some amazing books. After reading some of Michael Newton’s books, I began to read more and more spiritual books. In one of his books I read about past life regression and hypnotism.

Letecia Pheiffer
Letecia Pheiffer

As I have been suffering from insomnia for many years I went to see a hypnotist hoping that this will help me, but to no avail. I then did some thinking and research and wondered if my problems were not from a past life that I am carrying over to this life. I then did some research and found MORNING STAR(Janine Chauveau) who does Past Life Regression. I went to see her early in 2012 and she did a Past Life Regression Session on me.

DREAMS are very important! I have many, many vivid, real life dreams and have over the years found a few sites that one can look up the meaning. There are many dream dictionaries on the internet which can help you “translate” your own dreams. I have added a few of my own dreams so you can see what they are about and I would love to hear from people who have/had similar and other interesting dreams. Our dreams give us guidance and help us to deal with our normal daily life by sorting out our minds and also give us warnings if something should happen that we need to look out for.

We all have our own Guardian Angels and this is another section I want to discuss.   They protect us and give us guidance – some of them might be your own family member(s) who have died some time ago and who is/are looking after you and gives you guidance. I read a book by Sonia Couchete. In one of her books she mentions our Spiritual Guides Cards which she developed herself  – I bought a set for myself and read it every morning. It’s amazing to see how our Spirit Guides can help us every day and in one of her books she mentions our Joy Guides, Runner and helpers ….. but please read one of her books it will really give you an in depth experience of where and from whom we can get help from in the Spiritual World.

Tarot Card reading is also one of my passions even though I need to do it more. This  can help you with a broader monthly or yearly reading of your future life, and other questions you want to ask. I am sure many of you have already (if only once) visited a Tarot Card reader and wondered if what they say is true. I have also visited many and there are some who are honest and have the gift to read cards. You can learn to do your own, buy a set and try it. The more you read your cards the better you will master it and understand it. Soon enough your Spiritual Guides will bring you messages through the cards.

Horoscopes are also a very important aspect for me. I have signed up on a website and receive mine every day. Almost all of the time what I read in my horoscope happens to me. I know some people are a bit sceptical about it but your Spirit Guides do bring you messages and warnings in this form as well.

Mantra’s also form a very important part of my daily life. I have learned a few so far and it gives me assurance, guidance and protection when I need it. There are many different kinds of Mantra’s from different religions and one can look on the site and see which one will be of help to you. Mantra beads are good to carry with you to remind you of your Mantra’s. Some of the words are quite hard to say but once you know them, they become easy to repeat and say when you need it. I print a card with the ones that I need and leave it on my desk whenever I’m working and this way you see it all the time and you repeat it and before long you know it and can use it whenever you need to. It’s also good to say a Mantra before going to bed to help you relax and wind down from the day’s activities.

So that is why I decided to start my own website. I want to share the interesting books, techniques and teachers I have come across in my journey of spiritual awakening. I hope you enjoy my website and you are welcome to contribute as much as possible so we can build and add new and interesting material and learn from this.

I want to thank my beautiful daughter, Ronel Van Tonder, who is my advisor,  and the editor and administrator of my website. Through your diligent and constant encouragement (and lots of nagging, which I needed to get going), you made it possible for me to start this website. If it was not for you I still would not have started building my DREAM.

To my son, Derick van Tonder and my daughter in-law Peta who lives in Brisbane, Australia. Thank you for all your inspiration when I visited you December 2012. Derick you inspire me through all your hard work and persistence and never giving up in chasing your dream and making it come true. Peta, thank you to all the beautiful and inspiring reading material you shared with me. I added them to the site. Thanks to both of you for my awesome, beautiful grandchildren, Frankie and Henry, that is part of my life. I love you all.

I would also like to thank my darling husband, Louis Pheiffer, for believing in  me, for editing my first articles and for supporting me while I spent so much time in front of my laptop to start this website and get it “up and running” – thank you LUIGI, I love you.

Blessings to you all,



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