It is the 1800’s, Cowboy era. I am wearing a white/beige long dress and have long dark brown hair hanging down my back.

I hear someone scream. It’s a woman screaming. A big man is attacking her. He is huge! I want to help this woman and run to get her away from this man. While running towards them, I shout at the man to leave her alone. He turns around and looks at me with a grin on his face and says to me:”Who are you? Leave me alone – I will do to this woman whatever I want to and no-one is going to stop me”.

The woman’s hands are chained together and she is hanging from a ceiling like contraption. She screams again. I am determined to rescue her and shout at the man to leave her alone. He has no shirt on and his muscles are bulging – he is very strong. He turns around again and walks towards me and stands right in front of me.



He looks at me, laughs and says: “So what are you going to do to stop me?  ” I am so a
I aim the gun at him. He just looks and me and laughs again and say to me: “You will not shoot me”. He is actually daring me to do something! I feel the gun in my hand and aim again – I click back the firing pin on the top and SHOOT! ….. I see the bullet firing out of the gun and it hits the man in his chest, close to where his heart is. He looks at me with such surprise (he did not think I had the courage to actually go ahead and shoot him!) The next thing his legs collapse under him and his body slumps forward and he falls down on the ground…….. he is dead!!!!!ngry and just look at him with furious expression on my face.  I am not scared of this big man; I am here to rescue this woman.  I cannot handle men who abuse women. The next moment I take a gun out of my pocket (that is sown into the side of my long dress).

I wake up with a start !……


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